Save $5850 on the ALM Laser Welder Now.

Through December 25, we’re offering an end-of-year discount on the ALM, one of our most versatile and flexible laser welders.

The ALM is Efficient, Powerful and Truly Portable.

The ALM Laser Welder is powerful and portable and can access almost any tight space. Mounted on wheels, it can be moved to most locations with little effort.

This powerful laser welder and its components have a very small form factor – about the width and depth of a small room refrigerator. Because of its compact size, it can easily fit into tight spaces, like a milling machine or an injection press.

For Injection Molders, Tooling Builders and Tight Spaces

The ALM is the perfect laser welder for:

  • Injection molders who need to repair complex tooling in a press quickly.
  • Automotive tooling builders who need the no-compromise 4.5 feet reach of the ALM.
  • Manufacturers operating in a wide range and depth – the ALM can weld parts that are extremely small or extremely large.
  • Companies that operate with limited space – the ALM packs a lot of power into the space of a small refrigerator.

Short Setup TImes and Impressive Mobility and Flexibility

With its extremely short set-up times and mobility, the ALM laser welder allows a vast range of machine components, pressing tools and large molds to be repaired and modified at any location.

The ALM laser welder’s versatility is impressive: The workpiece can be transported to the laser welder or the ALM can go to the workpiece. Just move the ALM laser welder into position, secure the laser area, aim the slim laser arm at the weld, and start welding. The hydraulic brakes fix the laser beam at exactly the desired work position, and if more flexibility is required, the ALM has the capability and flexibility to aim the laser in almost any direction. Laser welding can be done manually with a joystick, semi-automatically, or with an external operating unit. The ALM is air-cooled and requires no additional cooling system.